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Begun in April 1973, SAMI VE LLC, has highly expert value engineering, value analysis, lean technologies facilitators available worldwide. Pls Note: we are also a VECP service specialist.

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Improve Profits and/or Reduce Cost

Imagine you could buy a machine that not only paid for itself in the first year, but returned sixty times its cost in the first year. Plus, it will keep working for year after year after the purchase with little additional cost. Would you buy it? YES! That is the average value return of the Value Improvement Processes (VIP) "installed" by SAMI from 2003-2010.

SAMI VE LLC (SAMI) is dedicated to helping our clients add to the profitability and get the best value (in addition to normal VEVA processes, we have many new remote access processes that reduce VEVA and operational costs). SAMI uses the mostly modern, very proven, highly organized processes that generate innovations. In addition to other techniques, SAMI is fully qualified in the use of various Value Improvement Processes, including but not limited to Value Method procedures and facilitation of "value studies," lean processes, six sigma, value walk throughs, value tear downs, and other value improvement processes.

Depending on its application, the traditional Value Method is often known as:

  • Value Engineering
  • Value Analysis
  • Value Management
  • Value Planning
  • Function Analysis
  • A variation of Lean Engineering / Manufacturing
  • A variation of Quality Function Deployment

Value Improvement Procedures (VIP's) are recognized worldwide as a highly profitable means to achieve increased profits, client satisfaction, and improved quality. Application of VIP through the Value Method uses powerful, creative, value-based decision-making processes that have been used and improved upon worldwide for over 60-years with tremendous success. Businesses and government agencies using the process save costs, and/or increase profits, by as much as billions of dollars every year. These results were often achieved while increasing product quality, usefulness, customer satisfaction, and other increases in essential product component requirement fulfillment. Most of these benefits are provided through the use of "value studies" using highly qualified facilitation services, and team members from the business sponsoring the study. However, we take it to the next level. Hence our high result in the audited returns. We offer remote monitoring, team activities and more. We are always improving our processes.

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The Value Process Uses The Optimum Decision Processes for Increased Profitability and Cost Reductions. Complete decision, management, and quality improvement training, Consultation services, and products. Learn More And Profit. .

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