Selected Examples

SAMI has facilitated and taught worldwide. Current average return is more than $60 to one. (You may want to see our on-line presentation for manufacturing executives and management introduction.) See our reports on-line at: The following examples are some of the issues we recently facilitated and the subject results:

  • FHWA (Federal Highway Administration)
    Project scope only allowed a budget of $4 to $5 million, estimate at time of study was $7.4 million. We were able to find means to reduce costs, without affecting requested criteria,and generate a $5.1 million result. If that was not acceptable, found many other ways to reduce costs, but would affect the requested criteria.

  • National Forest Service
    Generated a training reduction of more than 100%

  • Honeywell
    Military division. Reduced space requirements for one process by more than 90%, reduced cost requirements for another such that met incentive goals (actual costs not an issue as failure to meet incentive goals exceeded the cost issues), overhead issues not monitored reduced 20%.

  • The Gap
    Reduced store build costs by an average of 20%

  • Crane Merchandising Services
    Reduced redesign overhead costs by 80% while increasing reliability

  • Florida Department of Transportation
    Generated long term VECP benefits related to a court case under advisement of the US court of appeals.

  • New Mexico State Highway Department
    Enabled modifications to be pursued such that political commitments could be met.

  • Hoffman La-Rouche
    Generated a large (confidential) profit for what was once considered a "waste product."

  • Texas Department of Transportation
    Enabled a public review process t be more productive in the view of the clients

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Enabled a chemical process to be completed at much less cost than previously available.

  • Department of the Interior
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs
      Enabled performance of a project that previously could not progress due to "controversy."

    • Bureau of Reclamation
      Established a value program affecting 6,000 people that created $20 million in benefits each year.

    • Fish and Wildlife Service
      Reduced training costs by as much as 5% for specified services

  • Department of Energy (various offices)
    Many benefits, from new savings to old. In one case, due to lack of perceived performance, funding was to be cut affecting more than 1,000 jobs. We were able to establish progress saving many of the jobs and regaining the schedule requested.

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    In "spirited discussions" we were able to assist the community and the EPA in reducing significant risks of environmental damages to children within a timely manor. While one of the most costly studies we have ever facilitated, the results generated enabled more activities within a governmental activity than ever before produced with a value study (to our knowledge).

Our average client has achieved remarkable returns on their investments through their programs and use of our services. You can too. Please contact us for a custom quote to make your business grow. Our VeReporting and other services give access to statistical data related to private and governmental services. All our clients with access to this data can make use of these as well.

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