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SAMI provides high quality, certified training, consultation, mediation, and facilitating service (facilitators/consultants certified through both SAVE International and VES International). Some of the services and products highlighted on our site include:

  • Value Method, facilitating expertise, decisions, and management training with both courses in Value Engineering, Value Management, and Value Analysis
  • Books, computer templates for operating value studies, overheads, computer videos, textbooks, and other products
  • Value study team leader and facilitating activity services
  • Business consulting
  • Adding profit through the VECP and submittal assistance
  • Assist in identifying opportunities for enhanced organizational and customer benefits
  • Support services such as:
    • Establishing a Value Program within an organization
    • Facilitating community or client consensus
    • Presentations

Common results obtained are:

SAMI VE LLC (SAMI) is dedicated to improving our client's businesses and operations. To obtain facilitation, consulting, training and/or other services contact:

RR 1 Box 225C
Polk, PA 16342

Voice: 303-674-6900
Internet e-mail address:

Internet www address:

The average audited return on investment for our clients in 2003-2009 was more than sixty dollars for every dollar expended. In 1996 through 2002 was more than forty dollars for every dollar that was expended. Contact us for selection phase analyses to examine the potential in your activities.

Providing expert consulting, assistance, management, training and other services to:

We would be pleased to count you as one of our valued customers.


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