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Use Our Computation Sheet to Check Out The "Value Enhancement" Potential Using The Selection Phase.  

Selection Phase Training Sampler

The first step in the Value Method is to generate an opportunity through a job plan activity called the selection phase. The following form is a simplified version of a form from Section C of our Internet on-line Introduction/Refresher course.

Selection Phase Worksheet?

Compute the estimate

In this PHPtm application, you can determine the value enhancement potential for your process. All fields shown in the required column must be entered as a number. Use and entry of 0 (zero) if no amount is appropriate. Do not enter commas or dollar signs. Using the sheet is a four step process.
  • Simply complete step 1 for the project name and basic information.
  • Enter the project information estimate, amount unavailable to change, and amounts available to change category potentials. (The potential rates used are the typical percentages from the previous free sample educational section.)
  • In step 3put the estimated cost to perform a value study using a complete value method approach and full facilitated team approach.
  • Finally, calculate your potential returns in from the previous stems. Be sure to review the proof of the calculation and details of the calculation formulas employed.

    Compute the estimate

Suggested Value Study Typical Costs
(Keyed to Estimated Value Study Cost Features Above)

  • VSTL facilitation, preparation, reporting, document submittal, presentations, etc is daily cost of certified person (including overhead)*2.2*(team study days). This depends on complexity of study and avoids losses of team efforts due to no productive wait time.
  • Full-time Technical value study team are the balanced expertise and number working on the value study full time being facilitated at all times
  • Part-time Technical value study team are the additional expertise and number working on the value study at the direction of the facilitator or full-time members
  • Consultants are expertise members that assist the team on an as needed basis and require compensation to perform the consultation services (manufacturer sales reps and others are consultants but usually are not compensated through the value study activity).

The Percentage Rate Calculation Formulas
(Keyed to Estimated Elements in Form)

  • FAST diagram identified= 20% to 30%
  • High potential identified by direct review= 10%
  • Excellent potential identified by typical features notation= 8%
  • Typical potential for type of value study identified= 4%

Compute the estimate


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