Cancellation Policy

SAMI VE LLC offers the best options for students available in the value profession. Each student that registers for a physical class receives the online materials, both before the class and up to six months after the physical class begins. Each student that registers for on online class has an option of attending a physical course within the next year, on a space available basis ($300 room fee applies). All classes hold some form of certification, depending on the various certifying organizations.

Because of these abilities, few cancellations should be necessary. However, in the event a registrant wishes to cancel, the following policy will apply.

Upon registration by the registrant, and confirmation that a physical or online course will be held, the student will receive an e-mail with confirmation of course with additional information. This confirmation allows both the physical course student and online student access to the online version of the course. SAMI VE LLC is not responsible for third party e-mail groups that do not deliver e-mail. If you do not receive a rejection or confirmation, contact us.

  • Once the student has accessed their materials online, payment is required and no refund is possible, as delivery of the course materials has been made. We are happy to move the student to an online or other option as may be helpful to the student, provided they do not violate our terms of service.
  • If the student has not taken initial delivery of the materials and requests a refund, a refund will be made as follows:
    • if the course is an online course, a full refund will be made and access will be terminated
    • if the course is a physical course, SAMI VE LLC may have expended costs on your behalf, and the following will apply:
      • until 6 weeks before physical class, and no online access, full refund
      • from 4-2 weeks before physical class and no online access, 50% refund (we need to do this due to room costs and the fact we may have refused other students space in the course)
      • from 4-2 weeks before physical class and no online access, $300 refund if you change to plans to online course. No refund if you postpone in expectation of attending a later course in addition to use of the online material
      • after 2-weeks before class, no refund (sorry, we have already expended the costs and denied others space), however, online access for the six month online material period is retained
      • any person giving notice prior to physical course beginning, may elect to postpone their attendance for up to one year, attending another scheduled class. After one year, no guarantee of space will be made and space for attendance will be at the risk of the attendee. Persons postponing more than twice will be placed in the no guarantee level. However, online access for the six month online material period is retained
      • persons not giving notice of any kind are abusing the good will of their fellow students, have harmed the project sponsor, and are not subject to any refund. Further, they may have the online and other privileges revoked.

SAMI VE LLC offers the fullest course offerings available, including online and physical combinations. Unfortunately, a few abuse the system. This hurts not only SAMI VE LLC, but our students and project sponsors, who expect to have class members in their class them who will study a specified project. IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO ATTEND, CONTACT US. Failure to contact us causes damages to all involved, including your fellow class members, and can negate your attendance rights.


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